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We live in a world where by putting labels on items such as "sustainable" and "approved" has become common place to increases sales but the reality is that there is a global conspiracy behind the entire fishing industry. As the recent documentary on Netflix, seaspiracy showed, we need to take action by something as simple as reducing our fish consumption and creating awareness to start making change.

We at Thor Solutions, are Ocean Lovers. Our founder is a professional Scuba Diver and with his love for the ocean we have created this side project. A small way of us to raise awareness and raise funds to help save our oceans.

While watching the documentary on netflix amongst other great resources out there might help you better understand this, here are the top 5 facts

  • 1. ‘Bycatch’ is a huge issue in the fishing industry
  • 2. Sustainable fish certifications are at all what they they seem
  • 3. Fish farms may seem rosey, but aren't any better
  • 4. Nets are a huge source of plastic pollution. Longtail boats have laid out enough nets to wrap the earth 500 times over
  • 5. Fishing has wiped out 90% of the world's large fish. It kills 30,000 Sharks every hour and 300,000 Dolphins, Whales & Porpoises per year

If you’re already feeling inspired and would like to get involved, there are plenty of ways to do so. For a more hands-on approach, you can volunteer and if you would like to contribute in other ways you can start by raising awareness with your network and donating to the cause.

  • 1. Join the Movement - https://www.seaspiracy.org/
  • 2. Reduce consumption of Seafood
  • 3. Advocate your local governments to have responsible checks for fishing.

While the argument might seem valid that why are you attacking fishing and isn't the harm to land based meat farming equally harmful, the fact remains that sustainablility is possible on land and is being practiced. Are the conditions always good? No! But our cause is not to ask you to stop eating seafood altogether, it is to reduce or stop fishing temporarily so that sustainable fishing can truly be practiced once ocean starts recovering.

Just like certain animals are on the endangered list and aren't allowed to be harmed, we need to practice the same on the waters and fight for that cause to ensure governments in dictorial regimes like China follow suit.

The extinction of big fish from our oceans will mean extinction of our species as a whole. Ankush Mittal Founder
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